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Protecting Your Rights And Your Child’s Best Interests In Custody Matters

Whether parents are dealing with custody of their children as part of a divorce or as part of a case between unmarried parents, it is essential to understand how child custody and visitation are handled in Tennessee. Courts focus on the best interests of the children and work to create a cooperative parenting plan whenever possible.

When you have questions about these laws and your custody case, turn to our legal team at Waldrop & Hall, P.A. Founded in 1926, our Jackson-based firm is a respected and highly skilled firm that handles a wide range of family law matters. We take custody cases very seriously and work tirelessly to see that our clients’ goals are reached whenever possible.

Why You Should Have A Custody Lawyer

Child custody cases can be complicated by a number of factors, including:

  • Custody or visitation interference
  • Divorcing parents arguing over legal and physical custody
  • One parent seeking sole custody
  • Relocation of a parent
  • Establishing paternity for unwed parents

However, it is possible to successfully navigate these matters with the help of an experienced child custody attorney. Our lawyers understand all of the custody laws in Tennessee and will take the time to explain how they apply in your case. You can learn the difference between physical and legal custody, sole and joint custody through the process of working with our firm. Your rights will be fully protected by our lawyers. Without an attorney by your side, you are putting your rights to your child at risk.

Changing A Custody Order

When there is a drastic change in circumstances of one parent, such as the loss of a job or moving to a new location, a modification may need to be made to the existing child custody order. However, it is essential that changes be made with the court’s approval. If you decide to change the terms of the order, even with the other parent’s approval, you may be in violation of the order and held in contempt. Our firm can help you through the modification process to ensure changes are legally-binding, approved by the court and still in the best interests of the child.

Learn More About Custody And Visitation Cases

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