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Country music singer and ex-NFL player’s divorce moves forward

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Prominent divorces involving well-known people might seem to happen more often in California, Florida and New York. However, there are also well-known entertainers and athletes in other areas across the United States including Tennessee. When there is a high-profile divorce that is in the news, there are unique challenges that will arise on top of the usual issues that are part of a family law case. These include child custody, child support, spousal support and property division. A recent case involving a country music singer and her ex-NFL player husband has been featured prominently and can provide a guideline for others considering a divorce.

Details of Jana Kramer-Mike Caussin divorce come out

Singer and actress Jana Kramer is divorcing former Buffalo Bills tight end Mike Caussin and has revealed some of the reasons for the split. Ms. Kramer, 37, released information over social media describing from her perspective what went wrong in the six-year marriage to Mr. Caussin, 34. She says that Mr. Caussin was unfaithful more than once. The couple has a postnuptial agreement. She is asking the court in Tennessee to uphold it. She also wants custody of their two children – a 5-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son. She is agreeable to Mr. Caussin having visitation. Ms. Kramer is asking that Mr. Caussin pay her legal fees. The couple had come close to divorcing in the past when she filed in 2016 and he was dealing with personal issues. They reunited after separating.

Family law concerns are similar regardless of the case

Simply because a divorce is being discussed by the public does not mean it is substantively different from one that is private and more modest. Any divorce will have its financial, personal and property factors that must be addressed, high-asset or not. Children frequently come to the forefront and their best interests must take precedence. Some people have a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement that might be the foundation for disagreement. Regardless of the situation, comprehensive guidance may be needed to seek a reasonable resolution.

Experienced and caring assistance can be critical

In this family law case, there are allegations being lobbed back and forth. Still, there may be room to negotiate and settle the case relatively amicably so the sides can move on with a cordial relationship for the sake of the children. This is true in any divorce. Whether there is a friendly relationship or it is more contentious, the litany of issues can be worrisome. To avoid the situation spiraling out of control, it is imperative to have professional advice from the start. Consulting with experienced advocates is key.