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Consider mediation for a quicker, cheaper divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2020 | Uncategorized |

There may be no such thing as an easy divorce, but that doesn’t keep separating couples from longing for a more efficient alternative than the traditional court-oriented model.

Luckily, this alternative might already exist in the form of mediation.

Mediation may not be for everyone and, of course, the process has its own downsides, but for those wanting to avoid the messiness of splitting the old fashion way it has plenty of perks.

Easy on the blood pressure and the wallet

Again, divorce is never going to be a cheery experience but that doesn’t mean it can’t less stressful.

Many couples find mediation less anxiety inducing because of its structure and design. It spares everyone the bickering and hostility so common in a court room setting; in fact, the spouses don’t have to engage with each other at all and may use the mediator the entirety of the process.

Relatedly, less confrontation also means less time in court, a quicker resolution, and a smaller legal bill.

It may be better for children

The emotional and psychological impact a divorce can have on a child is well-documented. For this reason, mediation may be ideal for couples with children.

Mediation often means a smoother, more amiable divorce which is always beneficial from the standpoint of a child’s well-being.


Divorce is often a messy, emotional ordeal in which past grievances are used openly as cudgels. Having this play out in a courtroom is a great way to air your dirty laundry.

On the other hand, what happens in mediation proceedings stays in mediation proceedings — all intimate details known only to those directly involved.

For those that want to keep their less honorable moments out of the limelight mediation may be the right choice.

Mediation isn’t for everyone or every divorce. There are always many factors to consider and people to consult; after all, divorce is never just about one person.

If mediation is chosen, it’s still critical to have trusted legal representation by your side throughout the process. Although the stakes may feel less lofty than in a traditional courtroom setting, divorce law is still slippery and the consequences of poorly negotiated divorce agreement are just as severe.