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Rule 31 General Civil Mediators:

Art Crews
William F. Kendall, III


Mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution provide parties many advantages over litigation in resolving a dispute.  Mediation is a neutral and fair process in which both parties have an equal say in a confidential setting.  This process facilitates communication between parties involved in a dispute so that they can feel comfortable expressing their points of view.  The mediator serves as a neutral third party negotiating towards resolution of the dispute between the parties.

There are numerous advantages of mediation or other forms of alternative dispute resolution.  This method is a fair and neutral method saving both time and money.  It avoids costs of litigation and enhances the probability of a resolution of the dispute in which all persons can have an equal say in the final outcome.  When mediation is successful it saves time, money and avoids the stress and emotional toll of a trial and other procedures in private lawsuits.  Even in cases where mediation does not facilitate a complete or total settlement, it can significantly reduce the scope, costs and time involved in private litigation by clearing up misunderstandings, determining areas of common interests and agreement, and even partially resolving the dispute.

Waldrop & Hall mediators are experienced and successful in matters involving automobile litigation, personal injury, worker’s compensation, products liability, professional negligence, employment law, and general civil litigation.

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