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About Waldrop & Hall


As Jackson's oldest law firm, Waldrop & Hall provides a full range of legal services to individuals and businesses in Jackson and throughout Tennessee.Our firm's tradition is rooted in our commitment to service and the aggressive representation of our clients.

In 1926, two gentlemen lawyers began a practice in Jackson, Tennessee with shared goals: zealously represent clients as advocates, while upholding the highest standards of morals and ethics. These were not clichés of their business, but rather, marks of their integrity... a trait they exhibited throughout their decades as lawyers and counselors representing individuals and businesses in rural West Tennessee.

Today, the attorneys for Waldrop & Hall represent individuals, banks, industries, churches and business entities ranging from partnerships to large corporations.

When Mr. Homer Waldrop and Mr. Roy Hall began their practice eighty-seven years ago, they probably didn’t envision that their law partnership would grow to what it is today. But through a persistent application of their vision and standards for practice, the firm of Waldrop & Hall continues to grow, representing our clients with the utmost in zealous advocacy, while maintaining the highest standards of morals and ethics. And we eagerly look forward to successfully serving you and others for the next 89 years ... and beyond.

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